İzmir rus eskort metres Lida var olan her şeyi açıyor: mavi külotlu esnek eşiği ve sutyende güzel göğüsü

» » İzmir rus eskort metres Lida var olan her şeyi açıyor: mavi külotlu esnek eşiği ve sutyende güzel göğüsü

İzmir rus eskort Lida büyüleci eşeği ve fantastik güzel vücudunu açarak dört yastık ve beyaz yatak çamaşır ile büyük bir yatakta hoş sevimli yüzlü İzmir rus eskort Lida yatıyor. Bu poz bunu daha iyi değerlendirmek, bu kız hakkında düşüncelere dalmak ve sonra bunu sipariş etmek için size izin veriyor



Escort in Izmir girl makes love on the abandoned factory

The factory. I’ve seen this building in the hood before, when I was a small girl, as I was born and grew up in Izmir city – old, dilapidated building over the gray concrete fence. No one lives around this building for a long time anymore – the last family from the street with the factory moved across the city in the new block ten years ago. Now, their house was in the row of the others looking on the old building, getting soaked by rains and blown by winds.

I have no idea what’s in the head of my next client from New Year Russian escort Izmir service, but he wanted a girl to have sex with her inside of this rusty building. He paid extra. I was the only girl to agree on it from entire Izmir escort agency Christmas service as ‘twas good money I the rest of the girls were afraid of going there. Ding-a-ling cowards.

Izmir escort service girl made love with a man in an unusual place, the wine only made them both hotter

It was their first joint trip on vacation. Of course, she, an Izmir escort service girl wanted everything to go perfectly. She pre-arranged to ensure that every day would be intense and interesting. For example, today they’ve decided to go on an excursion to the vineyard. It was a very atmospheric place, surrounded from all sides with wonderful plants. When they went inside with the rest of the tour group, they were taken to a wine cellar. Wines of various kinds were stored there: a lot of bottles on the shelves looked so attractive, she, an Izmir escort service girl, immediately wanted to try at least one of them. He seemed to read her thoughts: when the group was led further along the dark corridor, he pulled her hand. The guy put his finger to his lips, urging the girl to act quietly. As soon as the group disappeared around the corner, they both retired to one of the compartments of the wine cellar. It was a small closet where there was almost no light, but it was very cozy.