Schoolgirl dressed escort lady is an unexpected sex present for a guy
» » Schoolgirl dressed escort lady is an unexpected sex present for a guy

His friends ordered me for Aziz. A boy who was turning into a man today – his sweet 18. I was at the age of 18 only several months ago, so I perfectly understood him, what it feels like. And I definitely think he would love my today’s image – a schoolgirl dressed escort lady. His friends were with me now – in his house, where we were waiting for him, me and 4 of his fellows.

“He is approaching, get ready!” Screamed one of them and I did as we have rehearsed: leaned my hands on the table, put my ass higher on straight legs, which were topped with seducing high heels of red color, and fluffed my bronze-pink hair to give more volume.

Aziz inserted a key in a keyhole and opened the door. Once he entered, everyone screamed ‘Surprise!’ and appeared from their places. I stood in the center of the room in a frank pose, giving my two peachy apricots of ass circumferences to his sight.

He lingered and didn’t say a word at the beginning. I turned my head and saw he is looking at my body with a mixture of interest and incomprehension.

“Surprise, mother fucker,” told one of his pals, hugging him on the neck. “We’ve ordered a fancy chick for ya. So give me your bag, leave all your business, grab her now, and go upstairs. Your folks will come home only 4 or 5 hours from now – we bought them tickets to the today’s concert.”

I clapped my hands and approached the hero of the occasion. Kissed his lips gently and felt his smell of cigarettes and perfume. Took his hands and brought a freshly baked man upstairs. He was still in a pleasant shock.

“Which room is yours?”.

“Oh, well, uhhhgg. Sorry. This one.” Seems like he lost his speech and the spatial orientation along the way. He was so cute to me. Like he has never seen not only a half-naked schoolgirl dressed escort lady but also any female without clothes. I like working with such sweet kittens. They are always so pure and innocent and I love to deprave them 😉

“Do you want me to show you a striptease?” I asked him once in his room. He nodded. I sat him back on the bed and put music on a loudspeaker of my phone. When I began my slow motions, he took a pillow and put on his pubis – obviously, in an attempt to cover his erection from me. What a silly! I still know you get a boner on me, so no need to hide it. But I did not say it aloud, I only was dancing, slowly taking my red bra away, and then – leaving the skirt on the floor, making myself stay only in high heels and panties. I can see he got aroused from my schoolgirl dressed escort lady image and during this dance, he did it even more.

Not taking off panties, for now, I approached him and softly sat down close to his pubis.

“Don’t worry, I don’t bite” – I told this softly with a half-smile, gently removing the pillow. His boner was now obvious. I unzipped his pants and asked him to lie back. After I pulled off his jeans, I took panties off too, leaving his medium-sized dick standing looking at me, significantly pulsing from wild arousal he obviously had. I rubbed my tits on his legs a little, making him understand what I was going to do now. I grabbed his cock with a hand and put my fingers around. He tensed from suddenness and I smiled about it. Then I took a cock in a mouth and started making him a blowjob. Interesting – was there any schoolgirl dressed escort lady or just a regular schoolgirl chick, a friend of him, who did him a blowjob before? Or he is a pure innocence?

He started moaning from pleasure, totally giving me the initiative. He tried to move his dick like he was fucking but I soothed him each time, hushing on him, making him enjoy this moment, not trying to exaggerate his tension. When U lay back – you lay back. It’s the rule of sucking a dick to make it more pleasant for a guy when he is on his back, not on feet.

So I do him and make him finish gently into my mouth. I feel his sperm is flowing and flowing, not stopping. I already have a mouthful of it but it’s still coming. I swallow it a little by little and drink it all up. Where he has so much space in his balls? When I make his dick clean of sperm, I take off my pants and sit on the bed:

“So, let’s make it even more fun?”


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Annie, an escort agency girl, went to the vacation for the first time in 2 years. It felt really cool – to be near the ocean in this European country. She loved to feel excitation – the same one as you have when you meet someone new in your life – it was it, her second half was named John. They met only two weeks ago in the club where she was making him oral sex. Yes, she worked there, being on a call to their company. But they liked each other so much that she has become his girlfriend the very next day. He offered her to go to the vacation with him, and she agreed in a second – she somehow considered she didn’t have to ponder about his proposition for too long.

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The factory. I’ve seen this building in the hood before, when I was a small girl, as I was born and grew up in Izmir city – old, dilapidated building over the gray concrete fence. No one lives around this building for a long time anymore – the last family from the street with the factory moved across the city in the new block ten years ago. Now, their house was in the row of the others looking on the old building, getting soaked by rains and blown by winds.

I have no idea what’s in the head of my next client from New Year Russian escort Izmir service, but he wanted a girl to have sex with her inside of this rusty building. He paid extra. I was the only girl to agree on it from entire Izmir escort agency Christmas service as ‘twas good money I the rest of the girls were afraid of going there. Ding-a-ling cowards.