Girls of 18 years and over please a client being hidden by the veil of total darkness
» » Girls of 18 years and over please a client being hidden by the veil of total darkness
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Hi, I’m Mustafa. As a wealthy resident of Izmir, I use services of girls of 18 years and over in this model agency from time to time. They keep me pleased all the time I resort to them. With their vast selection of beauties, I have already managed to try them all and now, I wait for newcomers to join them, which happens with periodicity from 1 week to 1 month.

They also manage to surprise me with various stuff – from attires and toys they use to unusual types of service. I want to tell you about the latest occasion and thus, thank your girls of 18 years and over for being so super cool as you are.

So, one day I wanted to hang out outside of my home or office (oh, those girls used to serve me several times in the office – it was super great and relaxing. Once, I even did it during the meeting with my subordinates – I was sitting on my table and one of the girls of 18 years and over was under it, pleasing me orally, and nobody spotted anything. But hey, that’s another story and I will tell this, maybe, some other time). So I called them and they told me the place’s address. It was a new place, I wasn’t in before. I gave it to my driver.

My limousine drove me to it and smoothly stopped. When I exited the car, I saw the lonely limelight of a streetlight somewhere on the outskirts of the city. The industrial landscape was mixed with several abandoned buildings as far as the eye could see. Two or three more streetlights looked alone in the far. Somewhere an empty bottle rang and rolled down the asphalt. A dog barked.

I shivered from the unpleasant feeling of this lonely street, where only a fade wind rocked the old metal fence. Suddenly, the door clang behind my back and I turned around – a pretty girl in a red swimsuit with glitters, one of the girls of 18 years and over, stood in the aisle of the door. She invited me in and I, giving the order to my driver to wait for me here and lock all doors, went after her. She looked just like from the stage of some glamorous show of Dita von Teese.

When I entered the house, she closed the door behind, leaving us in a complete darkness. Her smell covered me at once: it was flowers and something else, making the overall sweetness. I would say it was a smell of a horny chick rather than of an innocent girl. I liked that.

She took my hand and I followed her, being led into darkness. I saw decisively nothing at all. I don’t know how she oriented, maybe someone helped her? She brought me downstairs (it wasn’t easy in the darkness but handrail helped a lot) and we entered some room.

“Please wait here, Mr. Mustafa,” she half-said half-sang with angelic high-pitched voice and closed the door. How the fuck did she see in this darkness? I didn’t know.

In several seconds, I heard “Hello”. “Hi,” I replied.

“That’s a new pleasure – doing sex in complete darkness,” the same female voice said, “Do you like it yet?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“Well, let’s see what we can do for you.” With these words, I heard she approached me and another smell filled my nostrils. I don’t know, it was so ripe. And alluringly sexy.

The next second, I felt her warm smooth hands on my body – she was roaming them as if studying me. Touched my face. I felt her hot and pleasant breathe on my cheek. She kissed me fluently and took lips away again. Suddenly, there was another touch and another one – and now, 4 hands were touching me at once! I did not expect that – and nobody told me there is someone else!

“Hi, I’m Ksiu,” another voice told somewhere from the darkness and I felt another sweet smell.

“And I’m Lesa,” told another female. Unexpectedly. There were three girls here with me! At least three. And now I felt one more pair of hands joined roaming my body.

Those 6 hands undressed me quickly and were touching me in all places, with at least 3 of them caressing my cock and balls. I stood up in silence and had one of the greatest times ever in my life. Then they put me on the bed gently and started working on my total body – someone made me a foot massage, the other pair worked on my cock tremendously well, and some hot mouth was kissing my mouth. The orgasm came in several minutes of this amazing bliss – and I only could thank some warm girl’s mouth who took the entire semen in between her cheeks…

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Izmir young adult escort describes sex with closed eyes in details

My manager from Izmir young adult escort told me that today’s client is a special one: he loves bandages and eyes closed. So when I ranged at his door, I was prepared that I would meet some horny geezer with a hunch back or something. But I was mistaken – he was a neatly shaved full of life 40+ years man with a little overweight.

Young adult escort pussycat makes love in a canoe on a river

Hello! I’m Kristina from young adult escort service on site. I have several stories to tell you but I’ll start with this one.

Several years ago, when I was not working in young adult escort yet, I was trekking in the woods. I love to make trekking as it gives me many advantages:

  • strengthens body thanks to long walking in rugged terrain
  • a feeling of closeness to nature
  • deprives of the usual super coziness of living in a city
  • a great chance to breathe with pure air
  • test yourself.