Sex of an Izmir escort pussycat with her newlywed husband on an exotic tropical island
» » Sex of an Izmir escort pussycat with her newlywed husband on an exotic tropical island
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They flew here, on Bali Island, the verge of their dreams, just today. They are newlyweds, Jill, and Mike. She was a slender girl of 23 years old, an accountant counselor, and he was 25 years, a legal attorney. The entire life was ahead of them.

They arrived in their room in 18:15 of the evening, and there was plenty time to make what they wanted to do for these two days: have wonderful sex.

At first, they took shower, one after another, as the shower cabin was destined for one person. When he went off the shower, she met him on the exit in high heels and a dark necklace, as if Russian escort Izmir woman, wearing nothing else at all.

Their room had a balcony that went into the sea (it was one of those cabins that were located on piles excreting from the sea’s surface, and you could sleep or drink your morning coffee being in the sea literally). She wanted to go on this balcony, to inhale the magnificent salty smell of the sea. He joined her at a balcony, naked, reaching her naked breasts of the third size with his fingers. He was not even using a towel to wipe his body down.

Sliding down to her nude crotch, as if Izmir escort agency inamorato, he felt the silky skin on her arousing body. She spread her legs a little to make it easier for him to enter inside of her with fingers. He played there for a while and, when his penis aroused well to penetrate her, he slid inside almost without any resistance, as she was ready to take him up to this time. The breeze from the gentle sea was breathing onto their bodies moving together. She leaned on the lifters of their balcony and the moon was a witness of their deeds.

He did not finish – as he wanted to enjoy her body more and more, over and over. He smoked a cigarette, and she got down on his cock, to take it inside of her hot mouth as if a puss from Izmir escort agency could do. She was wearing only high heels, and she sucked his dick while he was smoking looking at the pale-yellow moon that rose over the horizon. The slightly subdued sounds of the discos on the other parts of island flew in their ears, but they did not give a damn – Jill was sucking Mike’s cock as a Russian escort Izmir girl, helping her with a hand and fingers, while he received the enjoyment comparable with nothing – what could be possibly better than a fabulous, completely nude girl with huge boobs and good-looking face, sucking your dick in the middle of the night on Bali Island when you smell the salty waters of the sparkling ocean under the Moon, smoking a nice cigarette, and she is dressed in nothing but heels? This was the highest sensations in his entire life – and he wanted this moment continued forever.

When a time arrived, he finished into her mouth and she didn’t lose any droplet. She turned backward to him and started playing with his Willie with her bare ass, moving it up and down. He lit another cigarette, as the sensations were above the praise. Her nude body shined a little in the moonlight and their enjoyment seemed to be lasting for hours. She rubbed her body against his, and he entered her, to move from slowly to fast and faster. He finished once, and then twice – he wanted this woman with all his might. And then, when she was wriggling from the orgasm delivered several times with fucking, he lit another cigarette, looking at the rising Moon that made their bodies look bronze.

She took an anal plug and put inside of her, to enhance the sensations and, rubbing her clitoris, looking at his fascinating naked body, finished again, with the biggest power.

The beginning of their vacation on Bali only started; they had 20 days ahead – 20 days of unstoppable sex.


Izmir escort Whatsapp girl plays in ‘catch me if you can’ to please an extravagant desire of a client

The gameplay was in the big private mansion of a client of Izmir escort girl. When she arrived, he told her that she has to undress and made her know the ropes: they supposed to play in ‘catch me’ game. She has to run away and he has to catch her. When he does, he is free to fuck her pussy and she must try to break free further until the game is over (he decides that).

Ukrainian escort in Izmir is on the seesaw and dick

I’ve always wanted to try this with a girl. But no girl I dated before, agreed on this. They all considered it something indecent and traumatic. Though, as for me, it is neither both.  What I literally mean? I want a girl to swing of a seesaw and sit on it in such a pose to make it possible for me to enter her pussy hole each time she swings close to me. It means she sits on the seating legs apart, ideally, so apart to embrace those ropes (or slings – I can’t be sure in their name), which hold the seating descending from the point of their fastening to the axis of swinging. They must be of steel to prevent her swinging not evenly – and to make it possible to me enter her each time with sharp precision. This is the main thing that would make it possible in happening.  I have the seesaw built in my house. In the big room on the second floor, I’ve installed a very smoothly going seesaw with my own hands – so precisely regulating its move, to a millimeter in the side’s positioning.

Today, I’ve decided not to wait for anything good from regular girls and have invited Ukrainian escort in Izmir girl.