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I’m a little bit confused and shy to tell this story as it doesn’t add to my charm. In fact, it became one of my biggest disgraces in life but people laughed at that moment.

The story has occurred when I was not yet working as one of girls Izmir – I was a dancer in the local troupe. I was a support crewmember for scenes in musicals that needed stunts. Not so much for the success but it let me earn for a living and pay the rent of my apartment.

There was a fellow dancer Yohann. He fell in love with me at our first meeting and he couldn’t get over it though I kept telling him ‘no’ for I don’t know how many times.

On one Saturday, we were on the backstage waiting to exit the stage. Just for you to understand: in this musical, there were 6 or 7 times when we got onto the stage, but between the fourth and the fifth, it was a big interruption, lasting for like 50 minutes or so. Yohann has decided to use these minutes to approach me once again. This evening, he smelled as the finest man and gave me gorgeous gift – a wristwatch with small diamonds on the strap. What can I say – I couldn’t resist his thrust that tonight was especially avalanching. So, I gave up and allowed him to kiss me. After that, we ran to the upstairs, through the black hallways on the balcony on the scaffolds above the stage that were mounted behind the main curtain so nobody can see or prevent us. When we were there, we did not mind dust and lots of ropes of all kinds that were lying or hanging there waiting for their turn to be used during a show or to be used as spare ones. Yohann took some blanket to put under our bodies and now he put it on the planking of scaffolding 70-cm wide. When he was doing it, I was taking my dress off though it was pretty much nothing to undress – only trousers and fluffy top. When they went off and I remained naked, I felt myself a worker of girls Izmir service – my pussy was ready to intake Yohann’s lust inside. He entered into my wet vagina (I don’t know wet from what – recent action on the stage we had or the desire of this masculine fellow whose attempts to win me succeeded today). But he entered inside me with easy as I didn’t expect and probably he neither too.

When we fucked there, we turned a couple of times, and in the final round of our act of love, we whirled on our feet, passionately kissing. At that moment, I felt as one of the hanging ropes overhung on me and when I moved an arm to make it go away, I seemed to occasionally touch two other ropes and one of them ceased my arm. Trying to free myself, I stepped back and felt some more ropes with my waist. Instinctively turning back, I drew an arm with a rope still hanging on it and somehow made it twisted over the arm, tangling myself in these ropes even bigger. Yohann rushed to my aid but when he stepped to me, the planking of scaffolding cracked under his feet and the cracked board I stood on, lifted me up and then I fell down and on the side, still being entangled with ropes. Instinctive fear worked well, so I grabbed the rope as much as I could, and when I stopped falling, I made a nice semi-circle. On the stage. Yes, I flew from somewhere above the stage’s curtain from the right, naked, grabbing the rope as a monkey, to the left. Then back again and forth again.

The audience at first didn’t seem to understand anything but then they started laughing. The actors turned back and were now looking at me. The scene they were acting was about a girl who fled from her house and they were now organizing their searches. And here appeared me – naked, scared, swinging on the rope, in silence and then, in the Homeric laughter of the audience.

When I did the fourth or fifth swing, some of the actors jumped to me, grabbed and took me off the rope, guiding me to the backstage. People in the hall were still laughing at this abnormality and the remained actors couldn’t work normally, becoming red in faces, until the people kept laughing. So, the unplanned intermission had to be pronounced…

I was fired from the theater this very night but my boss said my appearance was hilarious and much better than the musical itself, in his opinion. Two weeks after that, I already worked as escort Izmir girl as I couldn’t find a job in any local theater anymore.


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The shower was great. I went out and put on my sporty black thongs and then – leggings shorts. They perfectly and mega-sexy embraced my sporty and round buttock and the beginning of my slim legs. I wore the running bra under the black top and my beloved blue baseball cap. The sun lit me from legs to the crown as I exited at the porch of the house and ran towards the park.

I ran and the sun played with my hair that I collected in the tail. It was swaying from side to side and illuminated by the sunrays turning my usually brown hair of Instagram Izmir escort girl into pure gold.

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