New Year escort agency puss does too many men to count during one evening
» » New Year escort agency puss does too many men to count during one evening

It was a middle of festivity due to upcoming New Year (tomorrow) in the large private mansion located near the beach in the city. Being not sober was a rule of good taste in this party that included god knows how many people. She was a girl from Izmir escort agency girls who rushed to the order of, obviously, one of the men in this house. A man named Nick – at least, this what he told her on the phone. Now, nobody knew Nick. Fuck. Okay, she is calling him – and he tells he’ll be out soon, “just chill, babe, I’m soon” was his reply before he hung up.

Chill means chill. She poured herself a big sip of tequila from the vast bar on the table near the window. And, drinking it with salt on a hand, she looked at a fabulous view from window straight on the ocean. The city was gradually getting into the night.

Somebody approached her and said “Hi.” It was a nice young man of approximately 20 years old. Not to say she liked him, but he definitely was okay at least to talk. From the second glance, he seemed more than fine.

“I am one of Izmir escort agency girls – care to have fun with me?” I asked him in the second minute of our talking to save his time. I might earn some extra money so I told him some moderate price for my 20-minutes services (30 bucks for a blowjob and 50 for standard sex no more than this time). As he agreed, we took the first better empty room and started doing our job.

After he was done and we’re out, another guy approached me shortly, being interested in the same servicing. He agreed with the same price tag and I did it again with a new fellow.

Seems like my price suited too many people on the party as I got out and a third guy approached me, and the fourth. A real queue started to form. I picked a guy from the crowd to be the herald of my servicing, for which I would pay him 200 bucks after the night is over. He agreed and very soon, a line of desiring for sex people stood near my door. He must have told all his friends, and they told their friends, so in two hours, the house looked more like a hall of a train station – people got in and left like a whirling pool.

In such circumstances, I, New Year escort agency Izmir girl, had to decrease the time for servicing each for 10 or sometimes 5 minutes depending on what they wanted: be blown or to fuck my pussy. You know, 10 minutes are completely enough, especially if you are young, erect, and want sex. Low price tag must have attracted hordes of sex-desiring peers to this house and room from all around. This usually doesn’t happen but somehow the viral information about high-quality low-priced whore from New Year escort agency Izmir soaked into all public and private channels and I was now in the midst of this accidentally organized pulsating organism with myriads of tentacles, each of which was a separate bite of information about me, filthy and sex-giving bitch from Izmir escort agency girls.

I had to ask some guy to buy more condoms in the nearest drugstore as I was soon out of my usual supply of 20 pieces in my purse. Before he returned with extra large packs of 100 of them, I was able to collect 10 more from all visitors in the premise who was waiting for their turn in a line and managed not to stop a process.

In another hour, ‘twas kind of interesting – to see how it will all end as the line was of more than 30 people now, and I had to tell them, peeping from my room in the keyhole and seeing their number, that if they all want to be served today, they have to really speed up. Since now, I had about 3-5 minutes on the average visitor: they come in, hand me money, I put it into a drawer, lay on the bed and they entered me, putting on a condom. Or almost the same only if they wanted to be sucked – I stood on my knees and made them finish very fast. Without a condom, it cost them 20 bucks more. As simple as that.

That was a hell of a good conveyor and I worked for 7 or 8 hours in this day. From December 31 to January 1. Leaving the house, I didn’t meet it host after all (maybe he fell asleep or got too much drunk and forgot he ordered me). But it was okay for me, as I managed to earn 4 times more than I usually earn for the entire night – I was completely satisfied with an outcome of this New Year party.

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Sometimes you feel extra alone. It can be when you are left, abandoned, thrown on the sidewalk, like an unnecessary cloth rag after being used. This feeling I had when I was looking through advertising about call girls and private exotic dancers in the Yellow Pages in Izmir city, keep pondering about my gloomy fate and morose life in general. On some page, I don’t remember which, I stumbled upon the ad of Izmir escort girls. The picture of a charming girl took 1/16th part of the entire page and it promised fantastic pastime in all senses.

Escort girl Izmir is entertaining at a New Year’s party

The premise was loud and crowded. The clocks were going to ring out 12 o’clock, symbolizing New Year, but she was still searching for a partner to kiss with during this time. The mansion was filled with people of different ages and skin colors as if it hosted a party of workers of Google or SpaceX companies gathered to celebrate another year. She didn’t know whether it was true but she was here, with a glass of quality wine in a hand, and a bottle of it in another hand, being in a quarrel with her boyfriend just several hours ago, before they had to visit this event. The reason did not matter, they’ve quarreled as long as she was in these relations, so now she was definitely considering to abandon him once and for all – just as soon as she returns from this party house.

The wine or the desire to get separated with her disgusted boyfriend led her to the realization of the fact that soon, there’ll be 12 o’clock and she must finally find someone to kiss with. That guy over here seemed her nice one and in this moment, she felt for the first time as an Izmir girl running to hers new client. Although, there was no money tied in such desire, so the feeling passed by fluently, shortly after its arrival.