Izmir call girl is on the ocean tour
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I was an escort Izmir Whatsapp girl. Several years ago. From time to time, I let myself come to certain clients who pay a lot just to receive nice advancement to my usual monthly income. But my husband doesn’t know I still work. Occasionally. He knows what I am – we initially met when he ordered me, three years ago. Or four. No, three. Then, I left escort girls in Izmir service for him, as he seemed an ideal spouse for me. Since then, I never had a chance to be disappointed in him.

I was riding on this pier with anticipation of a new life that has started after our yesterday’s wedding. The car stopped us nearby the entrance to the ship. Mike – my husband – took all our suitcases and we headed the stairs. The ship was huge and white. And looking almost like Costa Concordia. Though, I expect its captain was much more experienced than Costa’s one.

The cabin wasn’t big but wasn’t small either. It had a large bed topped with rose petals – company’s special gift for newlyweds, who we were. I was super excited about this sea cruise and my new status of Mrs. Mike 😉

All I wanted to do during this trip is to have fun, the bigger the better. To start with, I took a fast shower and came out with wet hair to my husband only wrapped up in a white towel. As he looked at me, I dropped a towel off like they do in movies. And approached him, started kissing. He reached my epilated pubis with his hand and got right inside with fingers, into the love cavern, squeezing my buttocks with the other hand. We got on the bed and I sat on top of him. He was half-naked, but it was even better – when me, one of the ex-escort girls in Izmir, was completely naked and my sex partner was dressed. It was arousing for both of us. For the years of service as one of the Izmir escort, I managed to gain muscled legs. So now, I jumped on his dick with zeal and desire to cum, as if my legs were mechanical.

He completed but I did not. I lay on the back and asked him to use our sex toy – a vibrator. As it was in me, he started to play with it, pushing it in and out, and I finished in several minutes. When he was taking the shower, I cummed the second time with this toy and was very satisfied now.

We got dressed up for the dinner and I shoved this vibrator inside of me, not turning it on. I had jeans and panties, so it shouldn’t be seen nor slip outside. During each step, I felt it was in me and got excited. Somehow, all I could think of was having sex, endless sex with my husband (or maybe using some toys, just like now). Maybe, I was happy that I’ve started a new life now and my experience in Izmir escort model agency would become handy for our sexual life. Anyway, when we ate and he wanted to dance, I told him I would burst up now if we won’t have sex immediately so we rushed back to our cabin when he penetrated my ass, turning on and moving a vibrator inside of my pussy. With his every strong entry into my backdoor, I was ready to cum but when I actually did, it was something unbelievable. As he did not stop moving, my orgasm lasted as long as he moved. I screamed and raised my ass high, higher to him, to embrace all his length. Taking a short break for having a little smoke in the porthole, he exited me and only then, my orgasm stopped. Wow, that was tremendous! I never felt anything like that being a worker of Izmir escort girls model agency.

The next day, we had to land in another city (that’s why we swam all night), and we had all day to wander the streets. We took the map and downloaded an offline map of the territory onto our phones in order not to get lost.

We ate fantastically delicious seafood in a small restaurant on the shore and were now sitting on their balcony in big round-shaped chairs watching the nice view from the hill sensing ocean breeze on our skin, enjoying good hookah with the apricot smell. The fresh air breathed a new feeling of life into our lungs and veins. So, after we’ve returned to the cruise ship, we were making love again, recalling this lovely little place we are unlikely ever to visit again in the nearest future.

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One day, my friend, being on a vacation trip, called me asking to go to his house and find out why his wife did not answer phone calls.

I got dressed and went. At the entrance, I was calm. Then, I rang the doorbell.

Finally, the door opened, and Anna, the wife of a friend, let me into the apartment. She had a sleepy face, it was clear that she was asleep. I look deeply in Anna’s eyes – she was so beautiful, just like Izmir escort girl.