Izmir escort girl on the balcony is having sex with a guy whom she seduced straight during a party for her birthday
» » Izmir escort girl on the balcony is having sex with a guy whom she seduced straight during a party for her birthday

It happened so suddenly that I am still in a lack of understanding of what happened, but of course, all this gave me great pleasure and so I am pleased to recall it. I’ll start from the beginning. It was in the evening, I was invited to a birthday to one of my long-standing friends, her name was Victoria. At the appointed time, I stood in the doorway of her apartment, she opened the door in a charming beige dress with a deep neckline as an Izmir escort girl, and I immediately noticed that I was impressed, but gave no sign, respectively, saying only that she looks adorable. She smiled and invited me to enter.

House was full of fellows. There were about a dozen friends, the music was playing and we had fun. As usual at such events, we were drinking and chatting. Everything went very culture and the environment was conducive to a normal rest. They began to dance. Victoria was already a little drunk and danced to the delight of the male contingent quite erotic. I was staring at her. Her forms so attracted me and I mentally imagined how I kissed her shoulders, lips, stroked her body, although I did not think about her in this regard, perhaps the whole holiday has caused such impression in me. Back on the ground, I decided to go to the balcony and smoke another cigarette.


I stood and thought about something else when I heard her voice. Treated her cigarette and we chatted very nicely. The party lasted and it was evident in the rediscovery of the door of the room as our friends danced and raised glasses. The unexpectedness of what has happened made me forget how to breathe. Victoria’s hand fell on my waist down and began to move up and down the pants like she was an Izmir escort girl. I instinctively looked at her. She stood perfectly without showing any emotion and continued to say something, but I vaguely knew what exactly. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my cock like an Izmir escort girl.

Her warm soft hands started to play with my cock as with her beloved kitten. She stroked its entire length continuing to talk either about the weather or about nature, I did not understand. My thoughts were already far away. Her boyfriend continued to have fun and drink a toast; it could be clearly seen through the balcony window. I did not notice, as Victoria sat down on her knees and took my penis in her mouth at once deep throat it, and I automatically took her head and began to move it, as I felt more comfortable. She was insatiable.

Her second hand has long been turned under her skirt, she penetrated her finger at herself deeper and deeper and I could hear her moaning. I could not wait, and it totally did not care whether we would be seen making this piquant exercise. I began desperately fucking her from behind as if she was an Izmir escort girl. She only moved towards and was moaning so sweet and horny. I took my excited cock to the limit, and went into her ass, she received a great pleasure, she grabbed my butt and started to press me to her more and more.

We continued to have sex and when she felt that I was at the limit, Victoria turned exposing my cock. I finished right on the half-open mouth and on her cheeks and nose, but she did not stop there, and again began to suck me squeezing out every last drop. After a while, it was all over and we sat down again at the table drinking and dancing. It was so spontaneous, that at first, I thought it was only my dream. But, as it turned out, it was all true. Rest of the evening we were not looking at each other, and she spent time with her boyfriend, but I was not upset. Each time they kissed, I remembered how this hot mouth caressed my dick. Luxurious party!




Escort girl Izmir is entertaining at a New Year’s party

The premise was loud and crowded. The clocks were going to ring out 12 o’clock, symbolizing New Year, but she was still searching for a partner to kiss with during this time. The mansion was filled with people of different ages and skin colors as if it hosted a party of workers of Google or SpaceX companies gathered to celebrate another year. She didn’t know whether it was true but she was here, with a glass of quality wine in a hand, and a bottle of it in another hand, being in a quarrel with her boyfriend just several hours ago, before they had to visit this event. The reason did not matter, they’ve quarreled as long as she was in these relations, so now she was definitely considering to abandon him once and for all – just as soon as she returns from this party house.

The wine or the desire to get separated with her disgusted boyfriend led her to the realization of the fact that soon, there’ll be 12 o’clock and she must finally find someone to kiss with. That guy over here seemed her nice one and in this moment, she felt for the first time as an Izmir girl running to hers new client. Although, there was no money tied in such desire, so the feeling passed by fluently, shortly after its arrival.

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I never thought I would have a sex fight with anyone. I even didn’t know what is it. But turned out I arranged it. You know, I had a strong reason to do that: that bitch Angela came to my dressing place and took some eyeshadows, a nice wig that I love and some more stuff from what’s purely mine. I know that there are some girls in Ukrainian girls Izmir model escort service that share things but Angela was a fucking mess – she never had anything good in her belongings and always asked this or that from others. No, I don’t mind when it is once or twice but she had really pissed off not only me but also a few others and never asked actually, just grabbed items. So, seeing this egregious fact (and my shadows in her fingers), I just got mad, got to her and tore it off from her nasty fingers. I ransacked her table the next second and found more my stuff.