Izmir escort girl is ready to become acquainted with a man and sex during a telephone conversation
» » Izmir escort girl is ready to become acquainted with a man and sex during a telephone conversation
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Summer. Heat. Friday… In the midst of the funny Friday night, my boss called and set the task to be executed on Saturday. On Saturday morning, I came to the office and started to do my work. After about half an hour, a colleague comes. A pretty girl like one of those Izmir escort girls, blonde, curvy breasts, long legs. She comes and sits down at her desk. She starts to do something. I hear the girl behind a partition but there is no other voice… Whom is she talking to? Oh, probably she’s talking on the phone. According to her manner of speaking, there is a man on the other end of the phone line.

I get up, go to this blond bitch, I come from the back, she is talking on the phone with her husband, not paying attention to me. I unfold her seat, which means I turn her to face me. I get up in front of her, put my hands on her thighs and try to spread them apart. Legs are brought together and I try to shove them but failed. Ha! I managed to stick my hand between her legs and was not going to remove it. Looking into her eyes, I’ve spread her legs wider, put my hand on her ass that looked like an ass of an Izmir escort girl and move to the edge of the chair.

She tries to resist but says nothing. Of course, I triumphed in this silent duel. I push her panties to the side and in front of me, here is a long-awaited prize: it is small, clean-shaven, nice pussy. My lips touch her pussy, not gentle but very stubborn and a little bit violent. I close my eyes from pleasure and start licking her pussy. A slight smell of a woman’s body excites, I lose my head, beginning to wildly lick her, suck and even bite. I feel that resistance is weakening, she is not as active as before, does not attempt to stand up or to tear my hand off. Another five seconds after, she says goodbye to her husband, hangs up and throws her head back. I cannot see her face, but I think I know what it looks like.

Her lips are parted, her cheeks are covered with a slight blush, and her hands reach up to me to press my head closer to her pussy. I knew what I should do: my tongue was elastically sinking into her pussy; she was so wet that I literally drank the juices of this girl. After a few seconds, she could moan and squirm under my caresses, because her husband could not hear her voice on the phone. At some point, I felt that she began to move in the chair, trying to push my tongue deeper into her vagina. My hands gripped her hips and I moaned softly. Her clit swollen from the vibration of my voice, and became even more sensitive. She breathed heavily and whispered something silently. I insert a finger into the vagina and begin to fuck her with my finger, about a couple of minutes later she is shaking because of the silent orgasm.

I get up. While I was licking her Izmir escort pussy, I finished in my pants. I go to my place at the table in silence, trying to reconsider what had happened. But one orgasm isn’t enough for me. I go to the toilet, jerk off and rapidly finish several times. Only then, thoughts begin to clear up. The realization of what happened comes. The blond Izmir escort girl is sitting at the table still as if nothing had happened, she is so calm, keeps working, not looking at me. This excites me even more and I am looking at her. Now I understand that this is not our last joint adventure in the office. Judging by the way she smiled at me before she left the office, I was right. Well, I’ll wait for the next meeting with this hot Izmir escort girl and her delicious pussy. When I came to the office next Monday morning, my boss announced me that now I have to share my office with the new colleague. A weird thought came to my head but I said that I’ve got no idea who that might be. Of course, when I came in my cabinet, that Izmir escort blond greeted me smiling very horny and coquettishly. What a nice surprise!




Izmir escort Whatsapp girl plays in ‘catch me if you can’ to please an extravagant desire of a client

The gameplay was in the big private mansion of a client of Izmir escort girl. When she arrived, he told her that she has to undress and made her know the ropes: they supposed to play in ‘catch me’ game. She has to run away and he has to catch her. When he does, he is free to fuck her pussy and she must try to break free further until the game is over (he decides that).

Escort girl Izmir got to the party and shared her vulgar stories

Alice rarely went to parties, where most people were strangers. But this time her friend called her to a housewarming party, where Alice knew only two or three people, and the rest of the guests were a surprise for her.

The company was equally divided into guys and girls, some were couples and the atmosphere was quite romantic. At some point, the guys drank a bit, relaxed and decided to play. Of course, when choosing a game, the subtext was erotic: in the end, everyone decided to play “Truth or Dare”. At first, the assignments were playful, the guys just told interesting stories from their lives, dates with Izmir escort girls and so on, but at some point, everyone had an idea to take turns telling about the most unusual sexual adventures. When the turn came to Alice, the girl was a little taken aback. Everyone decided that she was very modest and confused by such conversations about Izmir escorts; in fact, Alice simply could not choose which story to tell. Finally, she started…