One of the students Izmir escort enjoys riding on a bike with extraneous items inside of her
» » One of the students Izmir escort enjoys riding on a bike with extraneous items inside of her
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“How would you like to ride a bicycle?” A client of students Izmir escort service asked me yesterday. I’ll call him Jason.

“Sure, let’s go!”

“Oh, not so fast, honey! First, I want you to take these and shove into your ass & pussy.” Saying this, Jason gave me two 0.33 empty thin bottles of soda beverages.

“One in every hole, shove them in, and I’ll watch. After, just put your jeans shorts on to make them stay there while we will pedaling.”

I am taking off my shorts and green panties. Take the bottles and spread my legs, sitting to his face so he can see what I’m doing. I am not too greased and I tell him that.

“Use your fingers to play with yourself, then, when you are greased, use bottles,” he says. Okay, sweetie – as you wish. Students Izmir escort will perform any your desire, you know.

I trifle my clitoris and pussy, playing mostly for him rather than for me. I spit on my fingers to use saliva as the grease. In several minutes of it, warmth and agitation that I started in between my legs start their work: the pussy juice starts to occur and flow. I think I’m ready to put the first bottle in the pussy. But I offer Jason to make it more interesting: to pour the wine into both bottles so I can become drunken. This proposition excites him very much. He finds the open wine bottle and fills both bottles to the very bottleneck.

I take one slowly and start playing with my intimate entrance to arouse Jason. Put it in and out a little bit, more in than out, so eventually make it disappear inside of my moist pussy.

Then I take some grease to do the same with a butthole. It is a bit harder as the bottle is rather bigger than average statistical dick. But I certainly can do it – working as one of the students Izmir escort, I managed to shove so many items inside of me! And this bottle is far not the biggest thing that was in my elastic butthole.

I sprinkle some grease spray on it – to make it slide inside easy but not too easy to prevent it from sliding out when I will be in motion on a bicycle. It comes in. I push it there, more and more, waving in the sides in searches for the better position. Certainly, it disappears in my butt. Now I have two 0.33 bottles inside. I feel wine from them touches my inner cavities and I think I will get drunk but without the smell of fume from my mouth. I put the shorts on and attach the sanitary napkin just in case.

We exit the building and take two bikes standing and waiting for us. When I sit on the saddle, I feel pushing from below, which drives the bottles even deeper inside of me, definitely preventing them from sliding out. I can bend over to feel wine pours into my insides but when I sit back, it pours back into a bottle. An odd but exciting feeling I am not sure anyone of students Izmir escort has ever felt before with clients.

In several minutes, I feel a light dizziness, which turned into a much more significant one within another 15 minutes. The wine definitely works and makes it hard on me. Oh, that’s interesting and unusual – but now I have to concentrate much more in order not to fall off the bike.

Eventually, Jason sees my state and offers to get off our vehicles to stand on the solid ground. I stagger in my walk and he offers to put those bottles away from my body, which I agree. We are in the woods now with no people around and so I can safely become naked. I stand near the tree and lean on it. He takes off my shorts and starts to pull bottles easily and slowly, one by one. He enjoys the process and I enjoy it as well. When he got one out, the wine poured away from inside – the bottle was only half-full. The other one, from pussy, was 3/4 filled. He can’t withstand the temptation of fucking me and does it, taking his already erect cock out of pants and enters my cunt. I feel the smell of heated alcohol caused by his fast motions and my hot body under the warm sun of Turkey and recent physical activities. He cums inside of the vagina and we just stand near the tree, leaning on it, enjoying the moment…


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Whip was nice. I, a casting escorts girl, took it in the right hand and whipped a bare buttock of my client. He was now a slave, so he did not have a name or own will – only he had a stop word “Silmarillion” – hard to pronounce and definitely cannot be spoken occasionally.

His butt had small waves caused by the whip. It didn’t satisfy her. She took another one, harder and heavier, took in a hand and hit it on the palm a couple of times.

“Yes, my mistress, punish me, punish me!”

“Shut the fuck up, I didn’t give you the right to speak!” She screamed at him being in the image of a stern mistress.

The whip was lowered by a casting escorts girl on his red buttocks.

“Ahh,” he outspoken, pleased.