Belarusian Izmir escorts girl receives fun in the shopping mall’s playground area
» » Belarusian Izmir escorts girl receives fun in the shopping mall’s playground area

I used to work as one of Belarusian girls but these days are gone now. Now I am happily married to Dave, he is a financial counselor in a big company, and we have two children, Mara, a girl, and Dave junior, a boy.

On that day, I will tell you about, we were in the city’s biggest mall. It had an area for children to play called Xtreme Fun Park. We took our children there to have fun with other kids. The concept of this place is as follows: you can come there with your family and play in about 10.000 square meters for the entire day. It has different fun zones, a food court, toilets, plazmas all over the place with cartoons rolling on and funny music. Mostly, when children at play, adults either rest on soft ottomans, wander the area, eat at the food court or, in much lesser number of cases – actually look after their children. Seems like adults decide to take a rest whilst their kids are having fun, running, jumping, riding, singing, falling on trampolines, and doing the other stuff from all available possibilities the Xtreme Fun Park provided them.

We were in the zone only for kids – ‘twas a something looking like a castle only made of ropes, slides, passages, and the basement of it was completely filled with a thick layer of plastic balls of different colors. I felt like I wanted to return to childhood again just to play in this area – no worries of adulthood, you simply have fun living, eating, and learning. From one of the corners, it was an entrance for kids who wanted to go directly to the slides, omitting all long way of getting there if entering the parade entry. Our children were playing completely immersed and having full fun with their brood.

I noticed, as it was a small door to another room, only 0.5*0.5 meters in dimensions, located close to this ‘black entry’ and it was not locked – it moved from the wind, I guess, being slightly opened and closed. Like somebody forgot to put a lock on it. Nobody was looking at me and so I slid there fast and crawled into this door – seems like the spirit of adventures awakened in me. It was pretty dark so I illuminated it with my cellphone. Some technical premise, a big one, maybe, 100 sq. meters, half-empty. I desired to make love to my husband in this premise, right now. So I got out safely so nobody sees me, found him, and dragged him into this door together with me. Once there, I closed it after us so nobody would be there occasionally. I again felt self as one of Belarusian girls fulfilling one of the non-standard requests of my clients – having sex in odd places. I unzipped his pants and lowered them to take his dick into the mouth. He made ‘oohh’ and I knew that it was a sigh of delight. When I was squatting there and sucking him, we heard all the playground sounds right behind the wall, while this room was obviously for technicians and to store all dusty garbage.

I played with his balls when sucking, taking the cock for the entire length into my mouth and even throat. I liked that he looked after himself and was always shaved – it not only added to his length but also was much more pleasant to suck him without feeling all this hair. I recalled, as not so many one of Belarusian girls’ clients were the same shaved and thanked again to the gods that my husband is so neat.

I started to jerk him off using my hand, still holding the top of his penis with my lips – if he cums, his jizz would go right into my mouth. But as he yet did not, I started masturbating him more actively, investing more power in the process, withdrawing my lips. I still had a strong hand – wonderful Izmir escort service made me have strong hands and legs ;). He was holding himself onto some dusty thing and I understood he was about to cum. He started wriggling and I knew it was the moment – I took the penis into the mouth again and he filled me in. Warm and sweet, his jizz came down my esophagus. I stood up and leaned something dusty too. He grabbed my pussy through the fabrics of panties and felt, as I was a little wet. I told him that we don’t have to make me cum – it is enough for me to know that he received pleasure, it’s okay. He agreed and just caressed my pussy from behind the thongs – it made him feel pleased. We were there for several more minutes until we got out. Nobody saw us and suspected anything…


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I, Izmir escort girl, came to Johan yesterday. We dealt to go to the party arranged by his friend Marquess (silly name, I know). His parents were at home so I greeted them and we had a little chatting (they treated me exceptionally well) before I went upstairs to his room. There, we supposed to spend about 30 minutes to select the best dress for him (based on my dress) to look like a couple on that day (we’ve finally decided to announce it to all our friends after been dating 2 months).

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Sometimes you feel extra alone. It can be when you are left, abandoned, thrown on the sidewalk, like an unnecessary cloth rag after being used. This feeling I had when I was looking through advertising about call girls and private exotic dancers in the Yellow Pages in Izmir city, keep pondering about my gloomy fate and morose life in general. On some page, I don’t remember which, I stumbled upon the ad of Izmir escort girls. The picture of a charming girl took 1/16th part of the entire page and it promised fantastic pastime in all senses.