Izmir escort strapon woman is on the exciting morning run
» » Izmir escort strapon woman is on the exciting morning run

The shower was great. I went out and put on my sporty black thongs and then – leggings shorts. They perfectly and mega-sexy embraced my sporty and round buttock and the beginning of my slim legs. I wore the running bra under the black top and my beloved blue baseball cap. The sun lit me from legs to the crown as I exited at the porch of the house and ran towards the park.

I ran and the sun played with my hair that I collected in the tail. It was swaying from side to side and illuminated by the sunrays turning my usually brown hair of Instagram Izmir escort girl into pure gold. Slightly wet hair was now completely dry. In several minutes, I heard someone running behind me and looked over the shoulder. It was a man, also running in this wonderful morning.

He reached the same level with me and said “Hi”. I liked his face and body so I replied him “Hi” with the desire to see what’s gonna happen next.

“You know you have a very sporty body,” he said.

“Thank you, you too,” was my obvious reply.

“So how do you like running and the weather? I’ve never seen you running here, although I run here three times a week.”

I explained to him it wasn’t my usual route, and that the weather was fine, and blah-blah…. So the next 15 minutes we’ve spent running and chatting. With every minute, I fell under his charms more, forgetting that my first priority as Izmir partner is paid meetings with men. It’s not that we are forbidden to meet any men for free, just like that, if I like them. Of course not but it’ll reduce my earnings. However, he was so nice as an interlocutor that I forgot almost about anything. My legs stopped feeling tiredness and I was only thinking about his eyes and charming smile that he abundantly gave me every minute.

Our route was a big circle that was about to end after an hour, not more. Now I thought about the end of this time, not as usually only my clients from Instagram Izmir escort do. I caught myself on that thought and laughed inside of self about a funny pun. I think I was extremely obviously interested in him during the run and he had noticed it. We went on walking to catch our breath and our eyes had a meeting. I sparkled them with the same desire as he did, I think, – and our lips rushed towards each other. After the short first reconnaissance kiss, it came another and one more until they ended up in one big continuous kiss. My palms were delightfully roaming his muscled body and he seemed to me just like my fitness trainer that I had slept with two weeks ago. Almost the same muscles and the bodily shape… Anyway, I quickly fell under his charms after we’ve initiated our physical contact and wasn’t even thinking to stop. Even more than that – with my eyes, I found the secluded place, away from the main dirt road, and pulled him towards there. It was a ravine with a small mountain that we’ve slightly bent over to hide away from all possible eyes completely.

Once there, I took off his shirt, exposing a wonderful chest with no hair – and got pretty much aroused of his physical perfection. Only a few clients of Izmir partner service I can remember with such a great body – and I got high of all of them, squeezing energy out during our sex, making them work really hard. That’s what I was planning to do with my new acquaintance – I didn’t even know his name (and I didn’t care).

I put down my panties exposing my fine ass thus offering him to enter, leaning hands on the rock. He wasn’t waiting and I felt his hard skin flute inside of me shortly. That was delightful. He worked on fucking me hard and I helped him as I could. Well, basically, I was just standing legs apart at first but when I finally caught his tempo, I could make bumping our intimate places more efficiently.

I got wet fast and his grease made the sliding very good. I couldn’t hold my moans that came out of my throat. He was silent, unlike me. I was stuffed with the desire for sex and didn’t want to hold it back. Especially if to consider we were in the middle of the forest where no people would see us. I switched on my Izmir partner sexy roaring that is so loved by clients (some of them even finish faster because of it) – natural, strong, and full of desire. Maybe it made me cum faster artificially – I don’t know – but at that moment, I really cummed.


Izmir escorts puss is having sex in a hood on a Halloween

She, an Izmir escorts pussycat named Veronica was invited to this Halloween party a week before its time, as well as many her mates in the hood. It was a normal practice in this part of Izmir city that she lived – when a big quantity of people was gathering in the house of an organizer. Just like in the US. The Halloween party was an especially vivid occasion as everyone decorated their houses with the thematic stuff and many people were walking on the streets dressed in various costumes. Many of them were sexy and slim, preferring to show off their fit bodies, as it was mainly a prerogative of young guys and girls, the elderly generation kept themselves aside of this partying.

Escort Izmir kızları girl shows her character giving sexual pleasure to a client

Whip was nice. I, a casting escorts girl, took it in the right hand and whipped a bare buttock of my client. He was now a slave, so he did not have a name or own will – only he had a stop word “Silmarillion” – hard to pronounce and definitely cannot be spoken occasionally.

His butt had small waves caused by the whip. It didn’t satisfy her. She took another one, harder and heavier, took in a hand and hit it on the palm a couple of times.

“Yes, my mistress, punish me, punish me!”

“Shut the fuck up, I didn’t give you the right to speak!” She screamed at him being in the image of a stern mistress.

The whip was lowered by a casting escorts girl on his red buttocks.

“Ahh,” he outspoken, pleased.