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Our agency offers a huge number of different services of an intimate nature. A more detailed list of the services available with every girl you can explore on her personal page. There you will find her attractive photos and prices for services. You can invite any girl you like from our catalog out on a date with you to the hotels of 4* or 5*, but if you are our regular customer we will be happy to make an exception for you. At the second meeting, the girl can go to visit you, for example, in an apartment or in a different location, if your first date was successful. We are sure that you will want to come back to us again!

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A deep intake of a penis

A deep intake of a penis – this is when a girl takes your cock so deep into her throat as she’s able to. Eventually, not only the cock can be concealed by her lips to the ground but also your balls can fit there. If a girl is very energetic about providing you the service, she will be playing with everything you have between your legs during swallowing it in, which will generate additional buzz for you during the process.

This service gives some specific closeness between the partners. Looking into the eyes of your partner at this moment, you can tell what she is thinking and how she is treating you. But just don’t tell her anything offensive though – remember that her teeth are around your most precious thing ;)

Anal sex

Anal sex is a vivid way to receive more pleasure during basically the same interaction with a girl. If you are already fucking her – then why don’t you use her another hole to make the same (move inside of her)? Switching between the holes will immediately deliver you much more happiness than the regular sex provides. This is due to the mechanics of it – when your erect flesh gets into a harder hole (not smoother, like a vagina) – it squeezes you more tightly and a man (you) catches a bigger high of it.

Have you ever tried this service? If not – then this is a big omission – and you have to overtake it as soon as possible. If you’ve never tried – consider you’ve never lived to the fullest.

BDSM and other hard sex

BDSM and other hard sex is the celebration of flesh. You can do many more and much thorough things than 99% of people usually dare to do. BDSM is the most fetishes in the flesh, as you can wear anything, use any objects, give pain to your partner… And what’s more exciting – the level of this pain is regulated only by the stop word. Within the pretty wide range of the possible delivered pain, there is only your imagination that draws limits to your intentions. If you are a lover of pain as well – this service is the right application of your time. Besides of being whipped and scratched, you can be beaten with a bat or something else (at your discretion), you can play a worm towards your strict Mistress, which our great sexy girl will impersonate.

Being a photo/video model

Being a photo/video model is what a lot of people invite our catalog’s ladies for. There are several outspoken advantages of our girls:

  • you can select their appearance in advance looking at our ‘list of lust’
  • not only outward data are submitted in the profile of each girl but also personal – height, weight, color of hair, nationality and other essential information
  • if you are interested in having a sexy nice time after your photo shoot is over – you will be interested to see the list of services girls also provide.


Blowjob is often not only a great part of recreational sex that men love and strive to. This also gave birth to a huge part of various jokes, one of which you must have heard (if you live on Earth for quite a time): it’s about Neil Armstrong.

When Mr. Armstrong was on the Moon, among many words he said there, were “Good luck, Mr. Gorsky”. After returning, people started wondering what he met by this but he kept stubborn silence for 26 whole years. One day, during the regular press conference, a journalist asked him about it and suddenly, Neil told what it was all about (as the Gorsky’s were already dead): when he was a young boy, he overheard from the open window of his neighbors, The Gorsky’s, as the wife told husband that he would receive oral sex only the day the boy next door walks on the Moon.

Cum in a mouth

Cum in a mouth is a possibility to fill a girl’s mouth not with food or water but with your semen. If this point is the point of your excitation, then you shall definitely check this service with a girl that you will select from the catalog that we have open online. If you are using the service of oral sex, then it’s likely more advisable than not to finish in the girl’s mouth. What will this give you? A feeling that is the hugest of all possible feelings in sex (well, maybe, only except for BDSM, when you have the direct impact on your skin and genitals with a stronger effect).

Cum in the ass

Cum in the ass will make your world squeeze and inflate in a short moment. You have a tremendous chance to embrace quite an impressive gamut of feelings that will define your act of love with this girl and will be able to characterize it with one word. This word can be ‘awesome’, for instance. Because what another word can perfectly describe the state of mind that you will get during this event? Some men even think of this service as a gift of gods – so cool it is. Generally, placing your sperm into the anus hole of a girl is possible even without a condom – that will largely enhance your feelings.

Cum on a body

Cum on a body is a great way to mark your sexual partner. She will wear your jizz on her body. And even if for a while – but she will be biologically marked by you. You can watch as the semen flows down her (tanned or not tanned) body – if you have cummed on her side. Or as it stays on her dermis if you did it on the part of a body located on the top (belly, face, boobs etc.). Some men can watch on it as on a piece of art. And if you have seen the porn movies at least several times, you might have noticed the focus at the jizz at the end of almost every movie – when it is on the body of a girl or in her mouth/on a face. That what men love and that what they are ready to go an extra mile for.

Cum on a face

Cum on a face is one of the forms of playing between a man and his mate. And we are talking exactly about mating – it means, fucking. When you are experiencing very good copulation – the plain finish inside of a girl’s pussy would be pale. But when you exit her and rise to her face – you can make it much more vivid. The jizz on her face will invigorate the evening, and it’ll never be languid.

This is like an installation. Like art, you know. Zillions of small spermatozoa cover her face and come into her oral cavity. She can lick them with her tongue. And this view is really enthralling.

Cum using a hand

Cum using a hand is what our girl will do with your cock when she comes to your place. You don’t need to ask your current girl or wife to make you pleased – as pleasure now is available round the clock, just dial us and tell what you need and what girl have you picked for this.

Imagine as the light hand of a girl touches your erect flesh, plays with your balls that she can squeeze tight (or soft – depending on your desires) and licks the skin flute with her long tongue. She moves her hand up and down, to find the right amplitude that will delight you, increasing the pace that will eventually lead to the highest peak of satisfaction… That’s what this service is and you can feel all its facets.


Cunnilingus gives you full access to the flesh of a girl between her legs. When playing there with your tongue, you can apply hands as well, helping you out in your exploration activity. You know, for men, this is more like an exploration of a girl’s surface and genitals (also going deep into them) than actually giving pleasure to a girl. For girls, it’s highly erotic too, as she feels the partner ‘there’, with more thorough sensations, supposing he is focusing on her sensations, delivering them to her, thinking of her… This is a specific buzz and no girl wants to deprive herself of this.

Doggie way

Doggie way will make you go into her as deep as your mutual physiology allows you to. During such contact, your closeness becomes maximal. You can see and touch everything, split the halves of a butt ever further to try to get even deeper – 120%, 130%… This pose is also very convenient to switch a hole for the penetration. Do you think that it’s impossible to alter the holes each time you make a move with your hips? This is a misconception you can disapprove. Doggie way is one of the most loved poses. It also takes lesser energy than any other possible pose. Well, at least, for a man in an active movement during the love.

Erotic adult massage

Erotic adult massage is mostly used in two cases: when a man is tired (a long day, exhausting meeting or similar) and needs lesser activity but also needs pleasure. Or the second case: when he wants to experience something new, as he does not order massage too often. It’s always nice to lay on the massage table or a bed, feel as your body is greased with something smooth, warm, and nice-smelling, and just fly away in very pleasant emotions and tangible feelings. Almost every our girl knows how to work out on your body, including a fucking great happy ending, when she will (by the end of it) totally concentrate on your penis.

Fisting in a pussy

Fisting in a pussy is not a regular thing. It may take a while before you enter a girl’s pussy with your whole hand. A pussy needs to be prepared. And this preparation will include not only the penetration itself but also greasing, massaging, gentle stretching, and associated things. Greasing is especially important. The grease should be the one that does not dry out and allows making nice smooth movements. Otherwise, without it, it may take longer. When you consider ordering this service, take into account that you need at least 2 hours to make a good penetration and play with your fist there for a while.

Fisting in an ass

Fisting in an ass is what attracts some men due to their natural interest in exploring things and people around them. It’s okay – if this is a matter of your interest then you should try it, of course. We stick to a belief that if something can be realized and this does not affect badly on other people – do it. Nothing is prohibited. Only bear in mind that taking this service, you have to consider at least 2 or even 3 hours to reach your goals. The anal hole is a stretchable thing but it does not stretch beyond its natural possibilities easily. So to make it fit for your entire fist inside of it, you will have to try harder and longer.

Giving strapon

Giving strapon is a service for men who want to feel what it’s like when some hard and long thing is getting inside of them. Such penetration is not only for a hole down there but also for the mouth. And in the second case, this is especially interesting – you see, as a girl wears it on her naked thighs, when she will enter in your mouth, you will see her nakedness close to your face. This will be another point of arousal for you. You can also touch her with one hand and please yourself with another hand. Thus, you will have three points of pleasure: both hands and a mouth. And if you will invite another girl to enter you from back there with a strapon as well, you’ll have 4 points of wild pleasure.

Golden rain

Golden rain is an interaction that adds a lot to the feelings. But consider that it shall be done properly:

  • you select a suitable place to do it: in a bath/shower
  • you both have to be clean and relaxed before it starts
  • if you wish to see a girl’s pee current flows down on you, you might wanna see her shaved (but you can leave your own hair on if this is more suitable for you).

When all conditions are met, your feelings will be higher and purer. Of course, you can do it on the bed or carpet – but who wants cleaning afterward? In the shower, it is so easy to wash everything down. What else do you need for good interaction? Just pick the right girl you want the most from our catalog.

Looking as a girl has sex with somebody

Looking as a girl has sex with somebody is actually sex for three (and more) people. (At least) two of them will have sex and somebody will watch. This somebody can be you alone or together with your friends. The girl can be called from our service and she will be fucked by you and/or some of your friends. Also, if you have a girl and wish to see as she is fucked by someone – if another partner will be a woman then you call us for a good lesbian woman. Anything good can happen when you order this service from our agency.

Participate in lesbian sex

Participate in lesbian sex is a dream of many men. Men all want to fuck a lesbian as it if will turn her back to being ‘normal’ – they can’t understand that this is the same improbable thing as ‘curing’ a gay. This is not a disease, this is just a regular state of mind and physiology. While the lesbians usually do not get aroused sexually of touches and feeling of a cock of a man inside, they do it nicely when they are with some other woman.

But what’s most important to remember – they can serve you. You can fuck a lesbian. Any of lesbians that participate sex may be fucked by you. If you have two or three of them at once – they will all make you pleased.

Peeping a girl

Peeping a girl – what does it mean? Have you ever watched someone you’re interested in sexually in a way that only you see them but they don’t see you? This can be:

  1. Through the windows of the many-story building standing opposing to yours (with or without binocular).
  2. Through a keyhole.
  3. Through a one-sided mirror.

The named and other ways of peeping are arousing. Very. The very fact of peeping for someone when they don’t know that they are being peeped, is a strong factor of arousal for men. Our girls can make it happen: standing behind a closed door with a keyhole or view opening, they will undress and caress themselves for your satisfaction.

Playing your partner in public

Playing your partner in public is an analog of ‘Girlfriend Experience’: when a girl depicts she’s your girlfriend. Why do you need it? For instance, colleagues from your work say that you’re a loser if you don’t have a girlfriend (or a cool one – cooler than you currently have). Or when your parents dream of kids but you don’t even show them your girlfriend, not even once. Or for any other reason why you need to receive approval from people around – that she’s is there and she is hot. We have stacked a lot of hot chicks online – just pick the right one and make your day brighter. Please the people around who’s demanding from you.

Receiving strapon in pussy/ass

Receiving strapon in pussy/ass is a service when a man wears on a strapon and enters girl’s openings using it. You can enter both down holes of your date simultaneously. It is for you to decide, into which one of them you want to enter with your dick. Also, it is a nice thing to try to come into her mouth. You can alter the ‘sex tools’ you have – one time, use your erect tower, the other time use strapon. Be sure to make it happen together with any of our lovely ladies – they all are suitable for that, they all are willing for you to come and make them gratified.

Role-play games

Role-play games embrace a lot of things you want to implement:

  • put on clothes of a different person to depict one you’ve wanted to be (Batman, shepherd of Switzerland, Super Mario, doctor, boss, plumber…) – anything is possible
  • try to switch your gender for a while – from man, become a woman; from a woman, become a man. You even can try to feel what it’s like to be a woman who switched to a man and now is trying to put on clothes and make a makeup to try to look like a woman again. Too confusing? But interesting as it includes all corners of your imagination, not only physical impersonation
  • you can start talking and acting differently, even becoming an animal, not a human.

Sex several times during a date

Sex several times during a date is elaborated to make you a happy person. A girl will engage in sex with you several times during one date. This is kinda important if you have ordered her for a night or 4 hours and have great plans about fulfilling this time with something special. You can try attires and poses, and generally, anything you have in mind – and doing sex several times will largely help.

Also, this service is good when not one but several people are present, to whom a girl was ordered. For instance, when you plan to throw a party for your buddies. There’s nothing more getting-close than sharing one girl with your pals.

Sex with more than 1 person

Sex with more than 1 person – what does it mean? It means that you order more than one call girl from our delightful catalog. Let your imagination play, pick any pretty girl from the online pages and then… pick another! Thus, you swiftly become a happy owner of two gentle and marvelous ladies who will be ready to do absolutely anything in terms of sex you will ask them.

Or the second option – you can invite someone you know and one (or more) our girl(s) and have a threesome or even a foursome. The more people will participate in your insanity – the more general fun you will get.

Shoving items inside of her

Shoving items inside of her is all about exploring. If you love beautiful female bodies and have a general interest to life, your veins and arteries are filled with vigor – than you definitely think about exploring genitals and a mouth of a girl and their behavior with different items put inside of her. That’s a wonderful thing – to have curiosity. And we’re ready to deliver you a girl who will satisfy your interest fully. A lot of them even desire to propose you items to shove inside on their own. They have experience in this. But they also welcome your ideas in this. Believe us – any idea you have is a fresh and exciting one, as it excites you. And that is our goal.

Strip games

Strip games are a wonderful addition to the matter of living. Imagine: a new girl comes to your apartment and you start playing poker for stripping. Or something simpler (in order not to waste time on playing if you want to reach a fast result). Of course, our girl can strip for you just like that in a clap of a finger – but what’s fun about that? Not too much if you are a playing person. Gambling will add spiciness to the process and you both will be able to increase the degree of mutual interest making it. Sit comfy and start a game. If you want some fun – make a drink of something alcoholically strong each time someone loses. Tipsy sex is even funnier.


Striptease is a form of the seduction of a man. A way to increase arousal that flies between you. And a way to create it in the first place if you don’t have it just at once. When a sexy lady will get undressed in front of your eyes under soft music that will flow like a silk current, you can explore her body, see how smoothly she moves for you, how delightfully perfect her hair makes waves in the space… But what’s more important – unlike in a regular striptease club, you can touch a girl anytime you want. At any place on her elastic body. And these touches will easily flow into something bigger, realizing your sexual desire immediately.

Trying different poses and items

Trying different poses and items is a fusion of several closely-standing services: BDSM, fetish, shoving items inside, and wearing different clothes. You can have it all at once or separately, one by one. So what this exactly service is about? It means that you can try as many poses of having sex during one date as you can sustain. You can even try the entire Kama Sutra if you like (and if you will have enough time to do it; although, you always can make it more lasting – just prolong the time). What about items – these can be additives to enhance your sexual activity (greases, pills, potions), clothes (sexy ones and costumes), and accessories (any you find arousing).

Wearing erotic clothes

Wearing erotic clothes can be done during (before and after) the date. This is to increase the emotions and feelings you have towards each other. You can have it with your regular girl or spouse but it is also a horny thing to do it with a girl you’ve met just now. We bet that a body of your current partner isn’t so hot as the one of a girl from our catalog – and you would kill to see how her erotic body wears the lingerie or costume you have for her. The apparel will play with new colors – and maybe they will be even better than in your imagination.