Escort Izmir girl provoked the guy on rough sex, or what happens when a girl has no man for a long time
» » Escort Izmir girl provoked the guy on rough sex, or what happens when a girl has no man for a long time
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Once after a constant quarreling with my Izmir escort girlfriend and after her departure to parents, I decided to get a drink and went to the restaurant nearby. The evening did not promise anything but boring drinking alone. But probably like every evening it gradually transformed for better with each new glass of brandy. Then I have decided to do something crazy and find a girl as passionate as eskortlar. I have decided that it is time to have fun. I called the bartender and found out with his help who among the young ladies here visit this place often but never with someone. So, which girl never went in the cafe with a man? I’ll speak to the one who is the most modest of all. In general, identifying the  Russian escort Izmir victim, I started preparing. To start, I sent one guy to bring flowers. Then I asked the DJ to tell wonderful toast and play music. And of course, my script was said to the bartender.

And here’s the situation: music ceases, the hall is crowded with a string of waiters, the first one with a huge bouquet of roses, the other with champagne and so on. The whole string is built near her table and the show began. I handed flowers and so on, she is offered a drink. At this time, the DJ began his triumph. Toast sounded until she drank all the champagne to the end. The hall was already filled with people who helped me to applause the DJ. The dance show could not go on until she agrees to dance with me. And what do you think: this escort Izmir girl was mine within five minutes after knowing who did it all.

So she came home alongside me.

After this experiment, I realized that abstinence is useful not only to men but also to women. I don’t remember having such a passionate lover for a long time. We were doing amazing crazy things. But here’s one case I particularly liked. Although I do not rank myself as persistent man, I’d rather wait for three days than to persuade half an hour. So when we met the next day at her home, I did not attach importance to her appearance from the beginning. My  Russian escort Izmir girl was in a mesh tights and short dress. Well, in general, everything was superb, except for one: when I started to touch her, I again stumbled at her modesty. It is in this dress!

Then somehow my girl smoothly lead me to thought that she is probably wondering about the feelings of when the girl being raped. Guess what: she tells me that a man cannot fuck a girl if a girl does not want to. Well, in general, she warmed me up as she could. I caught up with her in the bedroom and threw on the bed. I can say that it really turns on. The beautiful thing was still to break into the girl’s flesh in such a situation; I did not immediately understand why she cries thinking that she was accompanying the situation. And then when I filled the body of my girl I understood that the time left her untouched up to this moment! So she simply shied this fact. After quite some fucking of her virgin pussy and ass, she nearly lost consciousness but of course, she had finished as never before. So it came to pass the desire to be raped with a mass of new impressions. And she said it was unforgettable, that’s how she loved sex with me.

I can safely say that this woman was one of the most passionate lovers, of which I was lucky enough to meet during my rich sex life.



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Mona was very attractive and sexy woman with an appearance of Korean. She was an Izmir escort girl. She had long slender legs, and her hair was black as night and very long. Her boobs were although small, but men liked them, as they were very attractive.

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It was a middle of festivity due to upcoming New Year (tomorrow) in the large private mansion located near the beach in the city. Being not sober was a rule of good taste in this party that included god knows how many people. She was a girl from Izmir escort agency girls who rushed to the order of, obviously, one of the men in this house. A man named Nick – at least, this what he told her on the phone. Now, nobody knew Nick. Fuck. Okay, she is calling him – and he tells he’ll be out soon, “just chill, babe, I’m soon” was his reply before he hung up.