Izmir escort Ira is looking at the camera, naked beautiful blonde

» » Izmir escort Ira is looking at the camera, naked beautiful blonde

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Sometimes you feel extra alone. It can be when you are left, abandoned, thrown on the sidewalk, like an unnecessary cloth rag after being used. This feeling I had when I was looking through advertising about call girls and private exotic dancers in the Yellow Pages in Izmir city, keep pondering about my gloomy fate and morose life in general. On some page, I don’t remember which, I stumbled upon the ad of Izmir escort girls. The picture of a charming girl took 1/16th part of the entire page and it promised fantastic pastime in all senses.

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Mona was very attractive and sexy woman with an appearance of Korean. She was an Izmir escort girl. She had long slender legs, and her hair was black as night and very long. Her boobs were although small, but men liked them, as they were very attractive.