Ankara escorts girl dressed as a sexy nurse is having sex with several people
» » Ankara escorts girl dressed as a sexy nurse is having sex with several people

This Izmir escorts girl (she also worked as an Istanbul escorts, Ankara escorts, Bursa escorts, Izmir escorts model) has been selected this time because she provided many luxurious services, amongst which was an extraball – that is having sex many times. She was ordered for the entire night and was asked to wear something sexy or at least to take it along to change clothes when arrived.

A hotel room was fancy and big, as if a king, no less, was staying there. She was met by two nice young men who gave her all money upfront, closing up the door behind.

When she went off the bathroom, she spotted that there were 4 of them already and tried to tell that this would be an extra price but soon her attempts ceased as extraball was included and the time was fully paid, so she couldn’t receive anything extra in this case. She started dancing striptease, and guys were undressing gradually. Then they offered an Izmir escorts girl a game – they will enter her from the back 5 frictions each and she will have to try to guess who amongst them was the last one, with her eyes closed in the process, after 5 seconds passing from the last participant. If she guesses right, she receives 20 dollars extra. The meaning of the game was to please everyone and to entertain a bit.

An Ankara escorts girl made the right guess only from the 6th attempt. Then, the 8th, and then only at 20th. After earned 60 dollars, the rules were complicated – now she will be fucked from the back and in the mouth and if she guesses both last guys, she will receive 50 dollars. To arrange a changed game from now and to the end of it, they used a small but strong table on which she laid on the belly to be accessible from both sides at once. Through 20 attempts, only 2 brought her money. Still, extra 160 dollars for a sexual game was a promising start of the night.

The rules changed again – she will have to serve them all at one time, using her vagina, mouth, and both hands. If she guesses right who is where (she knew their names by a time) with the eyes closed, she will earn 100 bucks. There were 3 successful attempts from total 10, and two of them cummed on her when she was doing a handjob for them.

She offered to correct this flaw to ones of them who did not finish yet. But on her conditions now – she will do a handjob to both and the one who will finish first looses. To make it more interesting, she proposed to the one that looses to pay her 100 dollars. It was inspirational for the entire company and they even started making bets on their comrades, predicting and giggling, who will be more sustainable.

She started making the gradual and even movements with both hands simultaneously to two guys and they were trying not to finish as long as possible. It was hard to do as she was a master in handjob and, besides, she was shaking her boobs actively and made horny sounds. On the second minute, they were both close to finish, when one of them did not hold. As a comforting prize for him, a Bursa escorts girl took his penis in her pink mouth to suck the entire flow of semen, delivering the OWO (oral without condom) service – the one that usually is absent in her price list (despite the long list of ones that present: golden shower, extraball (have sex many times), couples, doggie style and so on). The guy that left was not deprived of attention either – when she completed with the third fellow, the remaining one was generously rewarded – she took her penis in the mouth and started shaking her butt to make it swing from side to side that was really arousing, and she was caressing his balls with her hand. The sensation was extremely great and a fellow even lost the feeling of a time when he was cumming inside her pretty mouth that made a lot of work today to satisfy them all.

When the fourth was cumming, one of these guys that finished first, penetrated in the vagina of a Bursa escorts girl, with alleged attention to finish once again. The second one entered her mouth, obviously wanting to do the same, and they both were fucking her from both sides. When they were close, both exited her to cum on her delightful white back, which they did almost instantaneously and at the same time.

Leaving boys, she was at 260 dollars richer than paid just for a night and satisfied.


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Once after a constant quarreling with my Izmir escort girlfriend and after her departure to parents, I decided to get a drink and went to the restaurant nearby. The evening did not promise anything but boring drinking alone. But probably like every evening it gradually transformed for better with each new glass of brandy. Then I have decided to do something crazy and find a girl as passionate as eskortlar. I have decided that it is time to have fun. I called the bartender and found out with his help who among the young ladies here visit this place often but never with someone. So, which girl never went in the cafe with a man?

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I used to work as one of Belarusian girls but these days are gone now. Now I am happily married to Dave, he is a financial counselor in a big company, and we have two children, Mara, a girl, and Dave junior, a boy.