Escort WhatsApp +905394609173 woman gets covered in chocolate to gratify another client
» » Escort WhatsApp +905394609173 woman gets covered in chocolate to gratify another client

Hi everyone! My name’s Dave and I have a story and a couple of thoughts about Izmir WhatsApp girl to share with ya’ll.

I have too many specific desires and wishes. My previous 5 girls left me over them – nobody could cope pretty much too long with my wicked mind. It’s not that I am asking from them something extraordinary: no, I simply want more than ordinary people do. For instance, pour a chocolate all over the body of a girl and fuck her until she is sweet and so chocolate-dirty. Or make a whole bath of slime and put a girl into it to see how this slime pours down from her skin and hair. As a base of a slime, I usually take transparent glue that is safe for a skin and which is relatively cheap. Some make it with Borax substance – I use it too occasionally.

The next what I like is to see how a girl makes her natural toilet necessities – pisses and poops. Though I don’t like the natural smell of it, I love to fill a girl with something liquid to make it go from her. This my whim usually takes quite a long time to implement: if I want to see her pissing, I give her a lot of water or apple juice to drink – liters per day. Then I usually film her doing it in the shower cabin with a waterproof camera, as I like to see the large zoom of the entire process.

When it comes to pooping, it is usually harder: I have to clean up the intestines of the girl to make it free from the feces masses. I use several procedures of direct cleaning up using the rubber device for that with a hose. I have to make a cleaning for about 4-5 times to make the fluid going from it be transparent. Then I added some colors to the water and poured about 2-3 liters of it inside of a girl. All the same, I filmed as it comes out of her in the shower cabin at a high speed. Very high speed – up to 1000 frames per second. Then I watched it in usual 20-30 FPS and got really high from the show, masturbating all along. The colors I put in the girls’ asses were different – yellow, purple, black, olive, green…

Well, not so many girls could endure for too long with me and kept leaving me. Well, this time I ordered a girl from Izmir WhatsApp service – they told me she would implement any my desire. I’ve decided to put a chocolate on her. Did you know it is easy to make your own chocolate at home? It is sufficient to mix milk, sugar, dairy butter, and cocoa beans’ powder. Well, maybe some vanilla and a touch of a salt too. It will be much cheaper for you if you make it at home instead of buying it – maybe ten times cheaper with the same consistency of the product – that’s what matters to me, not its taste.

When a girl from Izmir WhatsApp service came to my home, I was already finishing cooling the last big portion of homemade chocolate to make it to a room temperature. I had it in a small tank with the open top to take it to pour on a girl. For that and similar purposes, I bought a huge bath to my house – it was as big as 2*1.5 meters – enough for every perversion anyone might have. Izmir WhatsApp girl took off her clothes and I was already pouring chocolate on her. Starting from a head (she wore swimming glasses), I filmed everything – as chocolate poured down on her lower and lower. I loved as it covered her hair and face with a thick layer. Then I asked her to stand on her fourths to cover all of her. Her pussy was completely hairless – just as I love it. It was so sweet that I wanted to fuck it immediately I saw it but I restrained myself from it, as I wanted to have a girl completely covered in the nice-smelling and dark mass. When she was in it, I couldn’t help but put a condom on fast and enter her sweet pussy – it was now sweet in all senses – I liked the idea that she was completely covered with a thick layer of chocolate outside and now it was gradually going inside of her as I continued my moves. Then I took a scoop that I used to pour the semi-liquid mass on a girl and continued pouring it on both of us in the area of our conjunction with Izmir WhatsApp girl. My movements became too sloppy and slow. Still, I got so high of that that I ended almost immediately…

The good thing from the chocolate procedure was the fact that a girl’s skin was now as if after the cosmetic procedure: smooth and smelling good.


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Once after a constant quarreling with my Izmir escort girlfriend and after her departure to parents, I decided to get a drink and went to the restaurant nearby. The evening did not promise anything but boring drinking alone. But probably like every evening it gradually transformed for better with each new glass of brandy. Then I have decided to do something crazy and find a girl as passionate as eskortlar. I have decided that it is time to have fun. I called the bartender and found out with his help who among the young ladies here visit this place often but never with someone. So, which girl never went in the cafe with a man?

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