Izmir young adult escort describes sex with closed eyes in details
» » Izmir young adult escort describes sex with closed eyes in details
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My manager from Izmir young adult escort told me that today’s client is a special one: he loves bandages and eyes closed. So when I ranged at his door, I was prepared that I would meet some horny geezer with a hunch back or something. But I was mistaken – he was a neatly shaved full of life 40+ years man with a little overweight.

“Hello, my dear,” he said, “The bathroom is there, take off all your clothes at once and come to me.”

I did as he said, refreshed myself and came out to him naked. The center of the room was a huge bed with red satin bedclothes on. The ropes with the pink fluffy handcuffs were tied to the headboard and the opposite side – 4 well-made ropes. He was naked from the waistline up and offered me an eye bandage. I put it on my eyes and then he corrected it, tying it up more firmly. He led me to the bed. When I sat down, with my naked ass, I felt a very nice feeling of satin touching the skin. He then cuffed legs and arms to the bed, regulating the level of tightening so I was stretched but totally comfortable. To meet my expectations in comfort, he constantly was checking with me the level of tightness and I really liked his care.

Closed eyes let me fully immerse into tangible sensations and hearing. First, I felt something is pouring on me. Not water. Grease. It was body oil or something. He poured it from some height as it dropped on me with full-fleshed droplets, forming streams going on the bed’s satin from my skin. Hands of a man started rubbing oil all over my gentle Izmir young adult escort girl’s skin, going up and down. From the neck to the toes, even in between of them. He caressed my body, penetrating into all holes I had between the legs, sliding in and out. At first, his fingers started the exploration of my vagina, played with the vulva, circled around the main entrance, entered inside. With one finger. Then two. Three. Four. The entire fist was there soon. I did not hesitate, I didn’t want to. Why would I? My legs were super open, with the distance between heels of more than a meter. I was completely his, surrendering to him, desiring his next touch, move, entrance…

When his hand pushed the limits of the circumference of my pussy wide, staying as a fist inside there, deep to the joint between a hand and arm, he started to caress my boobs. I have big boobs, of the full third size and many men of Izmir young adult escort service were extremely aroused because of curvatures and rounds of my entire body. Obviously, he got excited as well. Holding one hand inside of my vagina, he was greasing me without a stop on boobs, tipping the nipples, caressing them but not kissing. I think no kisses were because of the grease layer. Not a tasty one – believe me, I’ve tried it.

Then he changed the position and sat gently on my pelvic bones, still holding a hand inside. I expected he was going to start playing with my ass opening – and he did exactly this. Touching it with one finger, he was entering there with more and more degree of assuredness with the ticking of the clock. For a moment, I thought that he is about to make me anal fisting. In several moments after, I was already assured about it. He used more grease for the ass, literally pouring it inside: he pressed the bottleneck to my ass and squeezed the elastic bottle to pour it inside under pressure. He did it again. And once again. Three times, I think, are enough to pour an entire bottle inside, of about 200 ml in volume. Was it so? I don’t know – I had my eyes under the bandage. Then he put a pillow under me, I think to prevent grease to flow out and started entering with another hand. It was completely easy as the greasing degree, I think, was far beyond 100%. I was a Queen of grease. I felt three fingers. It wasn’t enough obviously for him. Then he tried a fist completely, and I cannot judge him for his desire to fuck me anally – a lot of Izmir young adult escort clients used my ass hole to shove various items inside. I remember once, two hands of one guy were there simultaneously (but it is not a frequent case, you know – to reach that, we worked for several hours to make me open this wide).

Finally, he is in and starts motion with both hands. It comes tight but the motion is possible and arouses him. I like his gentleness: I was not hurt not even once during this penetration session. And I will definitely come to his apartment once again if he asks…


Ankara escorts girl dressed as a sexy nurse is having sex with several people

This Izmir escorts girl (she also worked as an Istanbul escorts, Ankara escorts, Bursa escorts, Izmir escorts model) has been selected this time because she provided many luxurious services, amongst which was an extraball – that is having sex many times. She was ordered for the entire night and was asked to wear something sexy or at least to take it along to change clothes when arrived.

A hotel room was fancy and big, as if a king, no less, was staying there.

Russian escort Izmir knows how to seduce a man even if he is repulsive

Visually, this pussycat, one of call girls Izmir, originated from Azerbaijan, though in her profile on the site, it was said Russia. May girls indeed did not want to disclose their real roots as people of Turkey loved more Byelorussian, Russian and Ukrainian girls, not from the other countries. Nevertheless, it was hard to understand where she is from, as the appearance was average Russian+European, and such conjunction is almost never disclosed.