Bicycle riding on a picnic of a new girl Izmir
» » Bicycle riding on a picnic of a new girl Izmir

Annie, a new girl Izmir, was traveling with her boyfriend, Dannie, on a picnic that they agreed to organize the last week. Dannie has picked a place that required driving there. In this July, it was mild weather, not above 25 °C on the hottest day, and these holidays made them enjoyed with the same weather – it was fantastically wonderful to travel on bikes. Their ride consisted of two parts. In the first one, they had to go across 20 miles or something, that would take them an hour or so, on the good surface, so it was not a tiresome thing. The second part before a picnic supposed to be 2 miles or something on the crossed-country environment – up the hill, to reach the natural lake in the local low mountains. Dannie spotted the place accidentally when was flying above the hill on the Cessna light plane – he was a pilot too.

Pedaling was a good thing, the road was running almost itself, as bikes with several speeds and gears were used. They took the medium tires, for both long riding and the mountains.

Annie started to get excited as a new girl Izmir because of riding a bicycle in 20 or 30 minutes after they departed. Men may surprise but a huge part of females experience sexual arousal when driving bicycle and some of them receive an orgasm from the process. It especially concerns the young ladies, just like our Annie – she was 22, she had 3rd breast size, was 165 in height, and had round juicy buttocks that many her clients wanted to eat. Annie, a new girl Izmir, was now experiencing a very uplifted state, and her panties started to turn wet from such a ride.

By the moment they dismounted from their bikes to go uphill, she was at the very hot state of arousal, but she has decided to wait a bit until they get there.

The lake was really beautiful. Seems like it was filled with a small mountain stream and partially – with precipitations. It even had a small rocky beach. That is why it was a good thing to swim in it wearing gumshoes. She did it first of all – took all her dress off, staying only in gumshoes, and got to the soft warm water. It was heated up with the tender sun and the absence of even the light breeze in this secluded place with high yellow pricking grass contributed to maintaining the steady temperature of the water.

When she got outside, all wet and aroused, feeling lightness from being refreshed, she approached her friend who unpacked foods for a picnic on the wrap that he unfolded on the grass, and kissed him passionately, with an entire ardor that a new girl Izmir only was capable of. Unzipping his jeans shorts, she took off his penis out, covering it with own red little mouth and started making him aroused, which came pretty fast.

Feeling the need to take the initiative, he ordered her to stand in the doggie style pose and, wearing a condom on, entered her pussy, wet from the lake’s water and the natural grease of excitation. Beginning his moves, he saw from the top a little, as her boobs were jumping front and back, and the waves were roaming the flesh of her ass and thighs from the pushes that he produced with his strong inside and outside movements. Turning her on the side, he took her leg up high, and everything was opened to him from her intimate parts. Entering her was fun and tight, the contact with her was full, as they were turned to each other at half-turn. His movements were sharp and strong, and he finished soon, jerking the flows of own sperm inside a girl, where they were caught by a condom’s shield.

Annie rose up and wanted him to cum once again, this time in her red pretty mouth. She took a condom off dick, wiped it with a napkin, then took a pack of milk butter from their improvised table and started to use it to grease his dick and balls, all neatly shaved as if he knew that he was going to have sex with her today. Buttering was fun and so he excited fast again and his dick was standing firm. Working with her both hands on his super greased and slimy dick, she caused his orgasm once again, vivid and strong, and took it into her mouth, making CIM (come in mouth) service, sucking it all out.


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